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Predictive Health Genomics, Polygenic Risk, GWAS, Disease Incidence, Statistical Genetics


Kristine is a MS Bioinformatics student graduating Spring 2020. She received her BS in Biology and Physiology from Georgia Tech summa cum laude Spring 2019, where she researched in the Exercise Physiology Lab on a President's Undergraduate Research Award. However, she completed her senior research in the Gibson Lab, her current lab. There, she researches predictive health genomics using the UK BioBank on a Computational Biology Faculty Research Award. She also worked for Georgia Tech Sports Medicine as an Athletic Training Aid, for the Center for Academic Success as a BIOL/CHEM tutor, and as a Teaching Assistant in Lyon, France for both Cell and Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry. Kristine is an avid Philly sports fan, and enjoys exploring Atlanta's coffee shops and restaurants. 


Obstetric Genomics: Generation and Analysis of Polygenic Risk Scores for Miscarriage and Menorrhagia in the UK  K. Lacek, G. Gibson

• Georgia Tech School of Biological Sciences Senior Research Symposium, Atlanta, GA, April 2019. Poster.

Evidence for the Male Athlete Triad? K. Lacek, T.K. Snow, M. Millard-Stafford.   

  • National Collegiate Research Conference, Harvard, Boston, MA, January 2019. Poster.
  • Southeastern American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference, Greenville, SC, February 2019. Poster. 
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Bioinformatics BS/MS Program
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Predictive Health Genomics, Gibson Lab