Example 3-semester schedule (revised October 2017)

Semester I (Fall)

Semester II (Spring)

Semester III (Fall)

Introduction to Computing Concepts in Bioinformatics (CS 4710)*
4 hours

Introduction to Database Systems (CS 4400)*
3 hours

Applied Human Computational Genomics (BIOL 8803F)
3 hours

Genomics and Applied Bioinformatics (BIOL 6150)*
3 hours

Computational Genomics (Biol 7210)*
3 hours

Biol 8902 Special Problems Research  3 hours

Modeling and Dynamics (MATH 6705)*
3 hours

Introduction to Probability and Statistics (MATH 3215)*
3 hours

3 hours

Programming for Bioinformatics (Biol 7200)*

3 hours

Biol 8901 Special Problems Research or Recommended Elective
3 hours

3 hours


* Core courses – permission of the program coordinator required to make substitutions for these courses in the program of study

We strongly recommend students to take Biol 8901 Special Problems in their first semester if possible (by exempting from CS 4710 or delaying or exempting from Math 6705).

Students may also earn a graduate certificate in the Management of Technology (MOT). The management of technology domain provides a deep understanding of the drivers of organizational performance in a global marketplace impacted by rapidly changing technology. Please see the certificate programs page for more details.

List of Recommended electives

Timetable for Professional M.S. Degree in Bioinformatics

FORM or ACTION                  


Prepare and submit professional resume to the Bioinformatics Program Coordinator

January 15 of the first year in the program

Register with Co-op Office*

Two weeks before registration ends for Co-op semester

Apply for summer internships (outside or inside Georgia Tech)

Varies with sponsor, deadlines begin as early as December for the summer of the following year

Submit Online Application for Graduation to the Registrar's Office.

Registrar’s Deadline. Typically the final deadline is the first week of class during semester of graduation.


*Students MUST be registered for the term they will work as Co-ops. Students should pre-enroll with the Co-op office in the spring semester if they wish to work as a Co-op or intern during the summer, and then register for summer semester Co-op once they have received an offer letter. Please inform prospective employers that you must have the letter of offer BEFORE the registration period ends – Friday of the first week of summer classes for summer internships.